Hello world!

Well in case I wasn’t busy enough launching my new business, writing a book , translating another and having discovered my personal version of hell (costing spreadsheets) amidst the endless formulating and product development . Hosting a fundraiser for a school in Uganda Parenting a small child, running a home and being otherwise fabulous  …Of course it’s time to start a blog in any free time I may possibly have. Firstly my fundraiser for a school in Uganda check it out and give generously they are doing good work !!

Now that that is done Hello world , as you can see I am a super busy person living on the beautiful Mid North Coast NSW Australia This Blog will be primarily to cover my interests in the field of perfumery and cosmetics a place to showcase my wares so that my dear clients and the rest of you can get to know the person behind the operation. To remove some of the anonymity otherwise required by online sales. And to answer any questions that may come my way.

I have been super happy to launch my stall on etsy( these past two weeks and whilst still dealing with the headache of the printer getting my order WRONG I am happy to say that I have found a great new relationship with the local printer here so more lovely labels comming soon …

Tomorrow I think I may talk a bit about how this all came to be from a dream into  a reality in the meantime check out my store !!

well I won’t bore you with my first post It’s almost my bedtime and …Yawn .. I believe I am spent for this day I look forward to engaging with all of you soon !!!

PS: fairly sure every mosquito in Australia is currently stalking me, my to do list tomorrow shall be to concoct a delicious lotion that will nourish and repel the bastard things (can I even say that? #isaidit )