Cod liver oil (topical)

Repairing Cod Liver Oil Cream

Cod liver oil is the world’s best-kept beauty secret. Not only will massaging it on to your face help soften and even erase lines, its rich content of vitamins A, D and omega 3 fatty acids should keep skin looking hydrated and youthful for longer.
Better yet, the advocates insist, these same nutrients can help plump skin from the inside.

Cod liver oils contain over 13,000 IU of vitamin A( the natural form of retinol) in a tablespoon.

Some anti-ageing products use derivatives of vitamin A as an ingredient because of the way it promotes cell turnover in skin (acting a bit like a chemical peel), thereby helping to ‘erase’ lines. But stronger, prescription-strength formulations of Vitamin A sometimes cause redness and dryness for the first few weeks.

It also contains a high percentage of omega 3 fatty acids2007.

Test studies show increased healing from applying topical cod liver oil compared to the control. but there is no need to put smelly cod liver oil on your face with Aqueahs Cod liver oil repair cream

The researchers used a topical application consisting of 25 percent cod liver oil and determined that it could be as effective as topical vitamin A. Vitamin A and its derivatives have been shown to improve the elasticity of the skin and lessen the appearance of wrinkles, according to a study performed by University of Michigan researchers in


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